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The Casa Adobe Renovation Project - Images from throughout 2008...

The idea for Casa Adobe Guesthouse & Retreat grew out of our desire to welcome wayward guests to our little corner of paradise here in the Rodeo Valley. This is a beautiful area with so much to see and do. It therefore seemed  fitting that visitors are offered a  peaceful home-like setting from whence they can launch their explorations or other business. Although Casa Adobe is not large (just one bedroom and one bath), it is nevertheless a complete residence unto itself with a full kitchen, living room, private outdoor patios and xerophytic gardens for the enjoyment of our guests. We have made every effort to create a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere for our guests. The theme of Casa Adobe is definitively southwestern (or perhaps Santa Fe style), with a flowing wall encircling the house and immediate grounds, thereby creating a relaxing and private environment reminiscent of the old Spanish haciendas. Casa Adobe is also located in one of the last remaining truly 'old west' towns that has not yet fallen to rampant subdivisions, strip malls, mini-marts and Starbucks. In a curious way, it is as if time has marched on by Rodeo. The most important factor that has spared Rodeo from "progress" is that it is not close to any major metropolitan area (the closest of which is more than 150 miles away).  Indeed, the nearest major conveniences, such as a Walmart and supermarket, are at least 50 miles away. Our roads remain dirt and bumpy and we have no cell phone communications at all. What we do have in abundance are wonderful views, a sense of serenity and good neighbors.

Casa Adobe was originally built by the Moore family more than 70 years ago. We are told by Victor Samoza, a Rodeo native, the original structure was a wooden frame house that was surrounded by so many trees that the house was virtually invisible to any passersby who might cast a curious glance at the clump of green. But alas, a lightening strike burned the house and all the trees to the ground. Mr. and Mrs. Moore, being of a pioneering spirit, were not deterred by such an unlucky course of events and they quickly recruited local able-bodied young men to help them re-build their home from adobe bricks that were formed and dried on the property some 60 years ago. As a teenager, Victor Samoza was given five cents for each adobe brick that he could mortar into place. It is to these hard-working souls of bygone times that we owe a debt of gratitude.

We purchased Casa Adobe as a vacant and largely ignored dwelling situated at the far south end of town and adjacent to the old Rodeo Schoolhouse that we are now renovating. We bought the building ostensibly to prevent it from being turned into a gas station or some other undesirable roadside business. Nearly two years passed before we considered refurbishing the old structure with the intention of opening a B&B. We basically gutted the place and replaced all the electrical, plumbing, and septic system. We also raised the ceilings, added French doors, reinforced the foundation, and constructed two new patios. The flowing wall surrounding Casa Adobe was the single greatest expenditure of time, labor and materials. We feel the effort was worth it, however, since the wall completely defines the space with grace and character and it affords a real sense of privacy for our guests.

When you come to the Rodeo area, we hope you consider staying with us. We'd love to share the beautiful views with you and exchange a few good stories. Thank you for visiting our website!
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